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Pop’s Work Continues

Jesse is there today receiving deliveries and should be (weather-permitting) working tomorrow and Wednesday as well. If you can help, please call Jesse at 215.208.6070.




Photos: Rob Reed


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Treece and I got a write-up about the McRad fundraiser at KFN.


Read ‘er here.

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POPs Center Pyramid

Jesse and Nick started welding the frame…


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Benefit for DIY Parks MONDAY

Come support your local scene!


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POPs Work Continues

Big work day this past weekend on Saturday, we had over 15 volunteers throughout the day working. Not to mention the amazing meal slaved over and donated to the cause. On Saturday we jacked out a bunch of asphalt, capitalizing on the 3 hammers we had for the day. Laid fencing and tied it into the spine. On Sunday Jesse came back to finish forming the spine and on Monday there was a crew there starting to pour it. Well done everyone.







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POPs Update

First off, we had a majorly successful fundraiser on Saturday night thanks to the Friends of Pops Playground. They handled the night with the experience of seasoned professionals despite the fact that this was their first fundraiser! Informal word is they raised $3,500 for the park. Bravo!





Secondly, more work went down yesterday (Sunday) at the park. Jesse brought his dad and brother in for some expertise and formed out the topping for the corner. Suozzo was there welding the steel reinforcing for the spine. Stephen, Chrisp, Dan and myself just sort of hung around and got in the way.






Thirdly, the first session ever went down at Pops yesterday on a relatively mild afternoon. Here Stephen James peels a lipslide.


Check the following videos of the architect and super on site – Jesse Clayton. So appropriate that the dude who designed it gets first footage shredding the place. I will try and edit these clips together but for now enjoy them separately.

Flow line: 50-50 fakie, switch front five.

Switch blunt.

Screechin’ and popping a back tail in.

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We are throwing a Beef-n-Beer fundraiser for Pop’s Playground this Saturday, November 8, from 7pm – 12am. The money will go towards the completion of the skateboard park project we’ve been working on there. For more information, click on the POPs tab at the top of this page for background info and scroll through the home page for update posts on the progress so far.

You can buy tickets online here for $20 ($25 at the door) and it gets you free beer and beef all night! Good music, good people, and good times for a good cause. We will also be raffling off a litany of prizes, including sixers and flyers box tickets w/ parking, and a bunch of skate stuff.

Help the community out by giving the much-deserving youth a safe place to spend their time. If you’ve heard about this project and want to help out but can’t make the event – you can still buy a ticket online to help the cause!

See the attached flyer and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

All of you with blogs, websites, myspace, facebook, or friends, please post / forward along!


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